Hurray!! Phase 1 Of Our New Community Archive System Almost Complete

Beer art Pulling Day 2015. Morris Dancers

Great News – We are almost ready to upload our “Ossett and Gawthorpe Community Archive” onto our new system.

Would you like to help?

As you may have seen on our “About the Archive (and our projects)” page our new Internet based Archive system is progressing very well. It is being developed in two stages and the first one consists of:-

1. Designing a presentation compatible with our present Comma system.

2. Transferring the present archive into it.

3. Adding an input and editing system so new material can be added and necessary changes made to existing entries.

We are delighted to report that this is almost complete and a number of potential user groups are testing the system. We are finding minor snags which are being sorted out very quickly by the developer.

Hopefully the Ossett and Gawthorpe Archive will be uploaded very soon so that we can start to expand our collection of photos and add more reminiscences and hotspots to existing records. If you are interested in helping with this we would be delighted. Just send us an email to

The second part of the system, which has still to be developed, is the “User” functions that will give the public access to the full archive in its new form.

The system, which will be owned by the Buckley Society, will be offered on license to all former Comma Archive user groups and the only cost to them will be a share of the hosting costs and a few other minor expenses. It is expected that the total annual cost for each group will be very modest and will get cheaper the more groups that use the system. There are already three other groups in Wakefield and one just over the border in Leeds, who have shown an interest in using it. There are also quite a number of groups in the rest of England and Wales showing interest. We think our original hosting package will be capable of covering up to 20 users.

We would be pleased to receive any comments you may have.

David Wilby’s beloved stone dog.

This photo is used in a story by David Wilby told by him in the “Weaving Ossett’s History”  section of The University of Leeds “Yarns” project   It was made for his great grandmother, Sussanah Hall, by the builders who built Rock House.


The Fishing Diary Of Walter Wraith, son of William Wraith – 1920 to 1947.



walter at hollin hall copyThese are the pages in Walter Wraith’s fishing diary from 1920 to 1947. The last page finishes with a trip to Cowthorpe and a note on this trip starts his son, David’s, diary – see “The Fishing Diary Of David Wraith, grandson of William Wraith”. These stories can be found on the “Weaving Ossett’s History”  section of The University of Leeds “Yarns” project https:www.yarncommunity/project3.






Below is a photo of Walter being presented with the Vetran’s Trophy in 1979 by Denis White and Tom Pickering, two English International Anglers. There are many more photos of Walter being presented with Trophies and Awards.

with tom pickering and denis white

For a number of years Walter ran fishing sessions for disabled children as well as giving numerous talks to school children on angling. Below is a photo taken at one of these sessions. I think it was at Haigh pond near junction 38 of the M1. Walter is on bottom right of the photo.



The Fishing Diary Of David Wraith, grandson of William Wraith

This is the fishing diary kept by David Wraith from 1945 to 1961. David is the son of Walter Wraith and grandson of William Wraith.

IMG_0353This is a photograph of David Wraith fishing at Cowthorpe on his last diary recorded fishing trip in 1948. He “fished against bridge. Caught 17 minnows. Dad caught only a few dace and gudgeon”

The images of the diary follow:-


At the back of his diary David lists “Prizes Won In Matches” –


6th Prize, Ryhill, Seniors –             6s.0d.

1st Prize, Broomfleet, Juvernile – 6s.0d.

2nd Prize, Canal, Juvernile-          8s.0d.

TOTAL                                              20s.0d.

1952 – 53

5th Prize, Barnsley, Senior         10s.0d.

20th Prize, Leeds (value), Juv.     7s.0d.

9th Prize, Helperby, Intermed.   5s.0d.

6th Prize, Horbury S.Q. Juv.         2s.6d.

TOTAL                                            24s.6d.


3rd Prize, Horbury S.Q.               6s.0d

3rd Prize, Horbury S.Q. sweep 11s.0d

33rd Prize, Helperby                     2s.6d

TOTAL                                            19s.6d.


1st Prize Horbury S.Q.                22s.6d

2nd Prize Horbury S.Q. sweep 59s.0d

11th Prize Westfield Farm          5s.0d.

TOTAL                                            86s.6d.


Joint 7th Half Moon                      1s.4d.

4th Prize Horbury S.Q.                 6s.6d.

TOTAL                                             7s.10d.

“The “Diary of Fishing” by William Wraith and Friends. From October, 1893.

Wraith family

The “Diary of Fishing” by William Wraith and Friends. From October, 1893. (William was born in 1877 he first started fishing in 1888. He died in 1957).

The transcript of this “first diary” has been done by Mike Adams of the Friends of Ossett Library by kind permission of the Wraith family. It is used as base material in a story by Mike about the 5 generations of the Wraith family of anglers from Ossett and Wakefield who fished locally and occasionally further afield. The story is to be published under the University of Leeds “Yarn” project as part of the “Weaving Ossett’s History” strand. Mike would be delighted to receive any comments or further information on the subject. Email

Continue reading “The “Diary of Fishing” by William Wraith and Friends. From October, 1893.

Sam Nettleton Tapes – Part 2.

014r0ahp00xlI have written a new Yarn for the University of Leeds’ Yarn Project. It is the second one based on a taped chat between Arthur and Kathleen Shaw and Sam Nettleton. The chat was taped in 1989 when Sam was 92.

These are some images I used. These stories can be found on the “Weaving Ossett’s History” section of The University of Leeds “Yarns” project https:www.yarncommunity/project3.

Town End Eli Townends cottage

Photograph courtesy of The Wakefield Express from an article in the Ossett Observer in 1959. Eli Townend’s grocers shop was in the cottage on the left.

Margaret Wilby’s Yarns

Margaret Wilby has recently had a “recorded chat” with Mike Adams of The Friends of Ossett Library about her memories of her early life in Ossett here are some of the images used to illustrate her stories. These stories can be found on the “Weaving Ossett’s History”  section of The University of Leeds “Yarns” project https:www.yarncommunity/project3.

John Hirst’s Reminiscences.

John has written some stories for the Yarn project. These are some of the images used for illustration. These stories can be found on the “Weaving Ossett’s History”  section of The University of Leeds “Yarns” project https:www.yarncommunity/project3.


John has written some stories for the Yarn project. These are some of the images used for illustration.

Love Ossett 1940’s

Rosie Wilkinson is writing a Yarn about the responses we got to our project at our stall at this event. These are some of the images she may use

Two classes of Flushdyke School 1946014r0ahp0bg8

The Brammer family on holiday in Blackpool, 1946


Bank Street, Ossett showing the cobbler’s hut.


Kingsway, Ossett showing Wilby and Crossland, confectioners (formerly Griffin and Sayer). This propoerty was demolished when Ventnor Way was constructed,


Halvor Tasker

Rosie Wilkinson is writing a Yarn about WW2 in which she mentions Halvor Tasker. This is what Halvor wrote about this photo:-

“1940 – I received this model spitfire (on my lapel) at the site of the 10th high explosive bomb dropped on Ossett on 16th September, 1940. I gave a donation to go into Mr. Brear’s garden, which was “L” shaped and wrapped round the front of our garden. We lived next door and were nearest to the blast. I gave a donation to receive the Dinky model Spitfire, as many people did, as they observed thecrator. For further information see the “Ossett Observer” for 19th September, 1940 (front page)”.